About Us

Stable Living LLP is an assisted living company that offers both Adult Family Home and Community Supported Living programs. Ryan Gray and Shaun Tutor started Stable Living in 2017. Our office is located at 3540 Jeffers Rd Eau Claire, WI 54701. We aim to help individuals that need supports, in order to help them living independently and enjoy a successful and fulfilled life. We are looking forward to expanding our Adult Family Homes and growing our Community Supported Living Program in the future. In 2021, Cody Anderson stepped in as a minority owner of Stable Living LLP and Shaun Tutor stepped out to pursue his construction business on remodeling homes.

Adult Family Homes

We currently operate five Adult Family Homes that are all located in Eau Claire WI. Each home is a 3-4 bedroom unit and has different types of offerings. The type of house depends on what kind of client group we target and the specific program we set up for the residents. We support individuals who are emotionally disturbed/mentally ill, developmentally disabled, suffer from traumatic brain injury, and correctional clients. Our main goal is to build their skills and transition our residents into independent living. Since the inauguration of our first transitional home, we have seen a lot of success which has allowed us to open up four more Adult Family Homes. Each home has a House Manager and 24/7 supervision.

Community Supported Living

During the last quarter of 2020, we decided to launch the Community Supported Living Program. Its mission is to provide support to individuals who are currently living independently and may still need some supports, reminding, and direction with ADL’s. In 2022, Stable Living LLP branched out to a second Community Support Living Program that will take on all new clients and include additional services offered to clients such as limited personal cares.

Here are the Support Systems that we offer through Community Supported Living:

•Cleaning Reminders
•Hygiene Reminders
•Grocery Shopping
•Scheduling/Running Appointments
•Laundry Reminders
•Medication Reminders
•24/7 On-Call Staff for Emergencies
•Cooking Assistance
•Community Integration
•Diabetic Management

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