Our Team

Ryan Gray – Owner

Hi, I’m Ryan Gray, owner of Stable Living LLP. I previously worked in another AFH and the standard of care was lower than it should have been, which inspired me to open our own and improve the quality of care for our community. My current goals are to grow Stable Living while improving quality as we grow. I believe with the strong team that we have created; we can help a lot of people. My main interests outside of Stable Living is growing another business We Buy Western Wisconsin Homes LLC where I buy and sell homes and wholesale properties. I also want to grow a multi-family real estate portfolio with my wife Eva. I also love to play baseball for the Beef River Bullfrogs, go whitetail hunting at our family farm, and play with my beautiful daughter Jo.

Cody Anderson – Owner/Operations Manager

Hi, my name is Cody Anderson and I am Stable Living’s Operations Manager. I oversee our company as a whole and ensure all aspects are running smoothly on a day to day basis. I began my employment with Stable Living in 2017 as a part-time caregiver and began full time employment in April of 2020 as the House 3 Manager, before being promoted to my current role in October of 2020. I was born and raised in Eau Claire. After graduating high school I joined the Wisconsin Army National Guard where I served for six years. I went to college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and received my bachelors degree in Athletic Training in May of 2020. After graduating I decided to join Stable Living full time which allowed me to continue on my journey and passion in healthcare. In my free time I enjoy lifting weights, hunting, fishing and most importantly spending time with my dog Nora. Being the Operations Manager for Stable Living allows me to both support people in need and manage employees, two things I love to do. I enjoy being able to communicate and work with residents and employees every day. I look forward to fulfilling Stable Living’s mission of continuing to grow, in order to help as many people out in the community as we can.

Macie Neitzel, M.S. – Human Resources

Hi! I’m Macie and I am the human resource generalist with Stable Living. My role is to understand our need for employees and implement creative ways of recruiting and hiring for our staff. I’m working along side Ryan and Cody to create our business systems and formalize processes within Stable Living. I look forward to growing and learning within this role to expand my knowledge in the human resource field. I grew up in Alma, WI with my blended family and went to the University of Wisconsin-Stout as a first-generation college student. I completed my bachelor’s and master’s degree in applied psychology with concentrations in evaluative research and industrial-organizational psychology. I look forward to building my career and skill sets to be an effective human resource professional.

Dahlia Espiritu – Virtual Assistant

Hi, my name is Dahlia and I work remotely for Stable Living as a Virtual Assistant. My role is to support the Management and Operations Team to accomplish and keep track of tasks that will complete the cycle of our processes.  I started with Stable Living in March 2021 and the best part of my job is it involves redeveloping systems to keep up with our growing Stable Living family. My goal is to be able to support our whole staff in bringing hope to our residents and clients. I personally value the importance of helping others to improve their quality of life. A funny thing about me is before I graduated from college, my dream job is to work in the healthcare industry but I’m also into spreadsheets, and now I have them both! I look forward to continue growing not just with Stable Living but together with its mission to lend our helping hands to as many as we can reach.

Zach Argo – Home 1 Manager

Hi, I’m Zach Argo and I’m the house manager at Stable Living Home 1. I have been working in healthcare since 2014 and began working with Stable Living in November 2020. Working with and enriching the lives of the residents at my home is something that I find very rewarding. It is my goal to enrich the lives of our clients and help them lead happy fulfilling lives where they can reach their maximum potential.

Jenni Ottum – Home 2 Manager

Intro coming soon

Crystal Domka – Home 3 Manager

Coming soon!

Shelton Hazuga – Dual Home Manager – 5&8

Hey! I’m Shelton, the House 5 Manager. I’ve been with Stable Living since January 2021. It’s my first time working in Adult Family Homes, and I find the job so important. We truly can make a positive difference in our residents lives. I am from Eau Claire and lived here most of my life. I have a big family and one daughter. In my free time I enjoy fishing, basketball, hiking, reading, and spending time with family and friends! My goals working with Stable Living include: Growing our residents interests through activities, making them comfortable by keeping a clean house, and make a positive impact each day! 

Braxton Sykora – Home 6 Manager

Hi, my name is Braxton Sykora and I am the house six manager. I grew up in Tilden, WI and enjoy fishing, hunting, riding ATV and spending time with my family. I enjoy working for Stable Living because its great management, flexibility, and being truly appreciated and recognized for my accomplishments and hard work. My favorite part about being a house manager is watching my residents turn into wonderful young men. As a house manager, I get to watch them try to be the best version of themselves and turn their life into the one they want to live. Working in this field is rewarding because I am making an impact in the lives of the residents that I work with each day.

Cody Skabroud – Home 7 Manager

Jordyn Snyder – Director of Community Supported Living

Hello! My name is Jordyn Snyder and I am the new director of our Community Supported Living program. I’m originally from Spring Valley, WI but recently moved to the area.  I started with Stable Living in November of 2021 as a supervisor for our CSL program. I have an 8-year history in a healthcare setting and working with people has been my passion for as long as I can remember. In my free time, I love to be active with hiking, hunting, and spending time with family. I look forward to growing in this leadership role and with my team, as well as seeing the administrative side of this business.

Crystal Seehaver

Hi! I’m Crystal Seehaver and I am the new director of Stable Living’s second Community Supportive Living program. I currently live in Colfax, Wisconsin. I have 5 siblings and a dog who I love to spend all my free time with. I started with Stable Living in September of 2021 as a supervisor for the CSL program. I have been working in healthcare for 6 years and enjoy every minute of it. I am looking forward to growing with this company!

Lauryn Steinberger – CSL Supervisor

Hey, my name is Lauryn! I am one of the CSL supervisors. I have worked in healthcare since the age of 16. I started working more with AFH’s and group homes in 2016. I graduated culinary school in 2015 with a patisserie and baking degree. I have always had a love for baking and continue to do it on the side. My biggest career love however is working in mental health and being an advocate for those you either can not voice their own concerns or have a difficult time doing so. Working with Stable Living helps me fulfill that and gives me hope for a better future when it comes to the mental health field.

Mitch Xiong – Operations/HR

Hi, my name is Mitch! I am part of our Operations team as well as HR. My role is to oversee our AFH’s and ensuring that we provide the best possible care for our residents. I also oversee our staffing needs, ways to recruit, and understanding the needs our staff and how to create a work culture that is inclusive to all. I started with Stable Living at the end of 2022 with 6 years of experience managing CBRF’s, AFH’s, and working with mental health and AODA consumers. I was born and raised in Eau Claire, WI and liked it so much I never left. Outside of Stable Living, I enjoy spending time with my family and dog, as well as working on home projects whenever I can. My goal with this company is to grow in this field and be an advocate for our residents to create a positive outlook in life where they can one day be as independent as possible.

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